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Quel guardo il cavaliere
Quanto amore!
Recorded live at Carnegie Hall on January 20th, 2023

12 Poems of Emily Dickinson
Aaron Copland

Nature, the Gentlest Mother
There Came a Wind Like a Bugle
Why Do They Shut Me Out of Heaven
The World Feels Dusty
Heart, We Will Forget Him!
Dear March, Come In!
Sleep Is Supposed to Be
When They Come Back
I felt a Funeral in My Brain
I've Heard an Organ Talk Sometimes
Going to Heaven!
The Chariot

Recorded in Williams Recital Hall with Hanzheng Lee at piano, 2021

Hermit Songs
Samuel Barber 

At St. Patrick's Purgatory
Church Bells at Night
St. Ita's Vision
The Heavenly Banquet
The Crucifiction
Sea Snatch
The Monk and his Cat
Praises of God
The Desire for Hermitage

Recorded at Berklee Recording Studios with Thomas Mellan at piano, 2023

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